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Learning resources for specialty coffee professionals and enthusiasts including glossaries, guides, articles, eBooks and more covering different aspects of the specialty coffee supply chain.

Private Training

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Opportunities for learning at The Crown now include specialized one-on-one instruction.

Our team of coffee professionals are ready to take your skills to the next level in the topic of your choosing. Our on-site private trainings at The Crown make use of state-of-the-art coffee equipment in a setting designed specifically for learning. Off-site consultations are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Check out the course descriptions below and set up a time for a phone call with your instructor: a 30-minute introductory conversation is included in the cost of the course to make sure your needs are heard and understood.

Classes & Events

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Live Classes

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Q Classes and Courses

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On Demand Classes

Books & Guides

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The Roaster’s Practical Guide to Coffee Blending

Samples of green beans in a row

Green Coffee Sample Feedback Guide

Closeup of roasted coffee beans

Crisis Response Handbook

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Sustainability in Coffee: What Roasters & Consumers Should Know

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Specialty Coffee Bag Weights by Origin Reference Guide

The Royal Blog

The Crown Gallery Artist Interviews: Calixto Robles

The Crown Gallery Artist Interviews: Calixto Robles

The Crown seeks to give exposure to local and international artists through The Crown Gallery, and hosts new artists every four months. The Crown Gallery is currently accepting submissions for the Summer of 2023, and is seeking artists who approach issues related to...

Royal’s 2022 Colombia Lineup

Royal’s 2022 Colombia Lineup

Back in April of this year, our cofounder Bob cupped some of the offer samples with Natalia from Mastercol, the Crown's roaster Doris, and our Colombian green coffee buyer Amanda, and he was blown away by some of the most unique coffees we have ever encountered. We’re...

Royal Coffee 2022 Holiday Ordering Info

Royal Coffee 2022 Holiday Ordering Info

Dear Royal Coffee Customer, As the holidays approach, we wanted to send a note about LTL freight and outbound shipments. During the holiday season carriers always expect higher than normal volume, but driver and dock staffing shortages have never been so severe as...


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Green Coffee Glossary

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Roast Glossary

Coffee brewing in filter

Brew Glossary

The Crown Podcast

The Crown Podcast

About The Crown Podcast

Royal Coffee, Inc. is a green coffee importer serving the global coffee roasting community. Since 1978, Royal has connected coffee producers to coffee roasters. In 2019, Royal launched the highly anticipated project The Crown: Royal Coffee Lab & Tasting Room, an open-sourced coffee education center located in Oakland, California.

This podcast is an extension of the thoughts and happenings taking place within the larger network of Royal Coffee & The Crown. We hope you enjoy it!

Photographers at Origin

Weighing green coffee on a scale

Trying to find pictures of where your coffee came from? Need marketing materials? Consider hiring a local photojournalist.

This list is only a start, but for those of you looking for an honest and clear look at the places you buy coffee from, it can be an invaluable tool. The professional photographers listed here work with globally renowned publications to provide top level photojournalism. They are also current residents of (and in most cases, were born in) coffee producing countries.


Weighing green coffee on a scale

Visit our Webinar Library to learn more about green coffee, roasting, and more.