May 6, 2022 — Check here for updates to our education and public event policy for anyone attending The Crown’s offerings of in-person classes and events.
We’ll continue to monitor local and national resources and release further updates as the situation changes. For the time being, please familiarize yourself with expectations for attendance and hygiene prior to visiting us. We’re thrilled to continue offering in-person learning experiences and want to make this a safe and engaging environment for everyone involved.

Summary of Policy:

  • COVID-19 Vaccination Proof is required for attendees and will be requested in advance. You may present proof at the door.
  • Capacity limits are in place for all events, and limits will depend on the individual rooms and the ways in which those rooms and equipment therein is used.
  • Instructors, Students, and other participants will not be asked to share any service wares (cups, spoons, etc) — exception: Q Students, see below for details
  • Most of our events will have a remote attendance option.
  • Masking at our events is optional with proof of vaccination. Rapid Antigen tests are available upon request.
  • Students who, prior to the class, contract COVID, test positive, or are otherwise unable to attend will be offered full credit towards future coursework. PLEASE do not attend if you feel ill or test positive for COVID-19.

Updated Events, Education, and Consultation Policy

The Crown: Royal Coffee Lab & Tasting Room is a hub for professional coffee education, and we’re thrilled to resume in-person learning opportunities after a long hiatus in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

In light of ongoing concerns about the spread of a contagious virus, and in order to best protect our staff and our students, we have made several amendments to our policies. (Our Code of Conduct and Cancellation Policies for events remain in place).

  • Vaccinations and Health & Safety
    • We are retaining the COVID-era policy of prohibiting admission for ill or symptomatic individuals of any kind. Please stay home if you feel sick, test positive for infectious disease, or have been diagnosed as such by a doctor. We will gladly work with you to refund or make up your session.
    • We will be requiring proof of vaccination prior to attending closed session classes and events at the time of your registration or at the door when you attend. Your personal and health information remains confidential and we will not share this information with anyone in any way.
      • There is not currently an accepted exception to this rule, including antibody tests or negative infection tests.
    • Our staff, including all instructors and assistants, are fully vaccinated and boosted. You may request vaccination proof of your instructor.
    • Our HVAC system has been updated with medical-grade filtration and high air-change rates. The system for our Presentation, Brew, and Roast Labs are distinct from the one that operates in the Tasting Room. Each system runs continuously during building occupancy.
  • Capacity Limitations
    • Our events and classes will be held in a closed space separate from the public tasting room.
    • Limitations to capacity of events are in place, and evaluated on a case by case basis depending on factors such as available space, social distancing, and available equipment. Reach out to your instructor if you have questions or concerns about attendance.
  • Service Ware Handling
    • No two individuals will share any service ware, including cups, spoons, spit cups, brew devices, or any other tasting paraphernalia.
      • Exemptions are made for the CQI coursework with additional registration and testing requirements in place due to shared cupping wares including rinse cups and cupping bowls:
        • For Q Students: Please note we are asking for a negative PCR test administered within 72 hours of class start time.
        • We will also be administering rapid tests to all students on site before the day starts.
    • Attendees will be asked to place their used service ware in a designated area when complete
    • Gloves will be available upon request
    • Hand washing is required after handling any service ware prior to returning to a seat, shared station, or other public spaces
  • As often as possible, a remote attendance option will be available (and encouraged) for anyone who wishes to learn from a distance.
    • These will all still require registration in advance
    • For certain classes and events, attendance may be limited, registration deadlines may differ from in-person, and additional shipping and handling charges may apply (in cases where materials will be sent out to students).

We have some very exciting classes coming up! Check out what’s already on the calendarand stay tuned for more, coming soon.