How to Use Credit Key

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Credit Key

What's Credit Key?

  • Credit Key delivers better business credit through a real-time proprietary B2B credit and payment option that can be used to make your payments online. 
  • We’ve partnered with Credit Key to offer easy monthly payments with no hidden fees. 
  • Credit Key will show up as an option during online check out 
  • Select Credit Key as your payment option and get a real-time decision regarding approval 
  • If approved, you will be able to select your payment terms and complete check out
  • Credit Key benefits 
    • Instant credit approval – only takes seconds 
    • Larger, better lines of credit – up to $50,000 
    • Simple and affordable monthly rates – 0-3% 
    • Ability to pay invoices using Credit Key
  • ** **Subject to credit check and approval. All Credit Key loans are made by Lead Bank.

Who qualifies?

Businesses with:

  • 600+ FICO
  • A valid, operating business
  • $40k+ gross annual revenue

How do I apply?

  • Go to this link and fill out the application form or simply select Credit Key as your payment during the online checkout process at You can apply and get instant approval.


I can't log in to Credit Key

  • Confirm you are using the mobile number and email you used to apply for the line of credit 
    • When logged in, this information can be found in the “Profile” section at the top of your screen 
    • If you continue to encounter an error, please reach out to for assistance. 

I thought I was approved for a higher Credit Line

  • Credit Key pre-approves customers for a maximum credit line, which can end up being slightly lower once business revenue and other factors are evaluated 
  • If you’d like to request an exception, please reach out to for assistance. 

I signed up, but I can't use Credit Key

  • Your account might be in ‘Pending Status’ 
    • You should have received an on-screen message with directions to be moved out of the pending status. Instructions are also automatically sent via email 
    • This is often an ID verification issue that requires further documentation sent to 
    • Your purchase may exceed your available credit 
    • If you’d like to proceed, you’ll need to lower your order amount so that it is less than your available credit amount 
    • You may not be using the correct account credentials 
    • Confirm you are using the mobile number and email you used to apply for the line of credit 

How do I connect my bank account?

  • > Log In (upper right) > Payment Methods 
    • You’ll see fields to input your bank account details to verify your account 
    • After your bank account is connected, your payments will be pulled automatically from this account on a monthly basis

How can I see what I owe and make a payment?

  • > Log In (upper right) > Payment Schedule tab 
    • You can pay full amounts or partial payments. No early repayment fees. 

My credit limit isn't enough for my order. Can I increase it?

  • Credit Key can’t yet handle split orders, but a draft order can be created for an amount that’s under your trade credit limit, and the rest paid by another method 
  • Customers’ credit lines can be increased by improved FICO and successful repayment of at least 2 Credit Key loans over time