How To Order: Canada

New to Royal? Start here:

  1. Create an account on  
  2. Get in contact with a Trader for a quote 

Get in Touch with a Trader

  • Live chat is available during business hours, Monday – Friday 7:30 AM PST – 4:30 PM PST 
  • Email Brandon Thiessen, our Trader based in Canada or the team at Royal anytime at We will respond within 1 business day.  
  • Call us during business hours at (604) 288-2891 

I Just Need a Shipping Quote

If you already have an account with us, know what you would like to purchase, and need a shipping quote, please contact Trader Brandon Thiessen 

22 lb Crown Jewels, 50 lb Royal Gems, & Shipping Info

We are pleased to offer easy flat rate shipping of our Crown Jewels to Canada* which includes customs brokerage** 

22 lb Crown Jewel Shipping Prices:

1 Crown Jewel Box = $60 USD
2-5 Crown Jewel Boxes = $90 USD
6-10 Crown Jewel Boxes = $130 USD
11 – 20 Crown Jewel Boxes = $200 USD


50 lb Royal Gem Purchases: 

1-5 Royal Gem Boxes = $100 USD
6-10 Royal Gem Boxes = $190 USD
11 – 20 Royal Gem Boxes = $300 USD

*Flat rate shipping applies to addresses in Canada’s 10 provinces. For addresses in Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Iqaluit, please contact us for rates.  

**If you would prefer to arrange customs brokerage through your own account, please contact us.  



Vancouver Warehouse: Seaforth

We are thrilled to have a SPOT position in Vancouver at the Seaforth Warehouse.  The address is: 

Seaforth Supply ChainSolutions
7167 Progress Way
Delta, BC V4G 1K8

Telephone: (604) 549-4822
Fax: (604) 549-4833, Attn: Seaforth Traffic
Hours: Monday -Friday 7 :00 AM  – 3:30 PM
Will Call, By appointment only 9:00 – 3:00

Seaforth is currently experiencing high order volumes and may need 2-4 business days to prepare an order for pick-up; kindly arrange your release schedule accordingly.


 Due to high minimum release fees at the Vancouver warehouse, Royal charges:
    • US$25 per release of 1-3 loose bags
    • US$50 per release of 1-2 bags palletized (including consolidations)
    • No additional fees for releases of 3+ bags

New: Buy Coffee Online from the Vancouver Warehouse

You can now buy full bags of coffee online from Seaforth. When you place an order, you’ll be presented with the shipping options of Will Call, Leave in Position, and Prepare for Shipment. Please note: There is a $25 fee for picking up 1-2 bags for will call and a $50 free for 1-2 bags that are prepared for shipment. 

Our Outbound team will contact you to provide shipping quotes and let you know when your order is released. All transactions are in USD. 

Pick Ups Near the Border

Some of our Canadian customers choose to ship their coffee to a location close to the border or to an LTL carrier dock in the U.S and drive across to pick them up. If you elect to do this, we will prepare a commercial invoice for you upon request. We recommend keeping a copy of your sales order.  

If you do not have a customs broker, we recommend working with Lisa Zral at Davidson and Sons, reachable at or (604) 297-2511. 

Full Size Bag Purchases & Shipping Info

In order to provide an accurate freight rate quote, we need the following: 

  1. Your Royal Coffee account number or the Company name that it is under
  2. Do you have a preferred carrier?

If you do, have a preferred carrier, please share and email contact for the carrier. If not, we can run a few rates quotes so you can select the best carrier option. Please keep in mind, if you have pricing in place with the carrier you nominate, our pricing will not apply. In most cases, freight charges will be for your account. You will either be billed by the freight carrier or expected to pay the driver on or before delivery.

  1. Your phone number (drivers or Royal may need to contact you), shipping address (please see notes below) and bill to address
  2. Your shipping address:
    1. Is this commercial or residential? Residential streets can be difficult to maneuver, even if you operate a full time business from home or in a residentially zoned area. For this reason, LTL (less than truckload) carriers charge an additional service fee for residential shipments. It is better to select this option now than to incur additional fees for this after delivery.  
    2. Do you require a liftgate? If you do not have a dock or forklift, a liftgate will be needed for palletized orders. If you do not have a dock, the driver is required to bring the pallet(s) to ground level or curbside for you as long as liftgate was requested. Any use of a pallet jack (should the driver bring your pallet to your door) is considered and will be billed as an inside delivery. If you do not have a pallet jack, it is better to select this option now than to be billed additional fees later for this.
    3. Is your store front difficult to access for drivers, e.g. no parking? If so, some carriers charge a limited access fee. If you do have limited access, we recommend providing a 2-3 hour window in which a driver should arrive for easier access.
    4. If you need a call in advance to arrange delivery, some carriers will charge an appointment fee. This could delay delivery with some carriers.
    5. Please note that drivers are not required to call customers before they arrive as they are not provided cell phones. Royal can email your tracking info to you the morning after pick up so that you can contact the carrier and get an expected delivery date. We also recommend calling again the morning of your delivery to get a driver ETA. Most carriers will provide a 2-hour window.


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