22 Lb Crown Jewel Summer Update 

Hey there, coffee buyers! Since our last update, lots of coffees have been moving, and we’re very excited about what’s in store and on the way. Here’s an update on upcoming Crown Jewels to keep your eyes on: 

Upcoming Releases: 

Friday, June 7 (update: released!)

  • Sumatra – We’ve got an absolutely pristine wet-hulled coffee from our friends, the Junus family, and their network in Aceh. It’s extra clean in the cup and the green is gorgeous. 
  • ColombiaPink Bourbon, aka Rosado, is back y’all. This double-fermented honey process coffee from Eduardo Martinez’s network in Huila is juicy and bright. 

Friday, June 14 (update: released!)

  • Colombia – An inoculated ferment lends this washed coffee from Huver Castillo in Buesaco, Nariño a wildly sweet and decadent cup, unique and sure to fascinate those into experimental styles. 

ETA July 

  • Tanzania – a very small lot of washed Gesha and some washed and natural SL28 coffees from my pals, the sibling duo Kavita and Neel Vohora. 
  • Ethiopia – it’s looking like our first Ethiopia CJ to land will be a washed Banko Gotiti. If all goes to plan, it will be followed shortly by a deluge in August of naturals and washed coffees from all over. There are many lots already shipped, and a few still at the port with ETD this week. 
  • Costa Rica – Two natural coffees are expected to land at the end of July. Woot! 

Shipping this month (ETA still TBD) 

  • Kenya – washed classics from the Othaya Cooperative, including Ichamama and Mahiga should be loading up onto a boat in Mombasa before the end of the month. We’re hoping for sooner rather than later but have had some unanticipated delays unfortunately.
  • Ethiopia – all our expected Crown Jewels that haven’t already hit the water are expected to be loaded onto a boat this month. 
  • India – our first Indian Crown Jewel in ages is being consolidated from Tamil Nadu at the port in Mangalore as we speak. 
  • Sumatra – a Lychee conferment was contracted in late May and expected to ship soon. 

Contracting this month (ETA still TBD) 

  • Colombia – we expect to receive samples shortly from Mastercol, representing new coffees from Terraza (hopefully some Geshas and Pink Bourbons!) and Alquemista (aka Edwin Noreña). IYKYK, it’s gonna get wild. 

Recent Releases (since our last update) 

  • Peru – A lovely microlot from the Cusco region, and a washed and natural (sold out) selection from siblings Edith and Ivan Meza at Finca Tasta all hit the menu in April.  
  • Bolivia – Yulissa Chambi’s coffees returned this spring: washed and natural selections both underwent brief anaerobic maceration stages. 
  • Guatemala – a classic, buttery Antigua from Bella Carmona graced the menu in late April 
  • Burundi – we dropped a little bit of natural coffee from Long Miles Coffee Project (sold out) and a little bit more of a washed coffee from the women of Turihamwe in association with JNP. 
  • Brazil – Our last Brazil until we get the new harvest, we launched a little honey-processed jewel from Espirito Santo state.