About a month ago, I discussed some factors that led to the C market’s rise. Now that the C market has gone above the highs of the drought-driven market of 2014-15, I want to address our pricing specifically.

While prices have increased due to freight and higher internal prices for cherry and parchment over the past few months, you don’t have to worry that what the C has done over the past couple of weeks is going to bleed into every coffee you buy from us. Many of our coffees are not priced against the C market. In fact, 100% of our EthiopianSumatran, many of our Latin American Organic and FTO offerings, and nearly all of the 85+ micro-lot coffees from around the world that we carry are not floating with the C on a daily basis. And while some prices have increased, from a selection standpoint, right now is the best time all year to buy coffee. We are loaded on nearly every origin. Take a look below at some fixed-price offerings that are an excellent choice for any roaster right now:


Colombia Huila Palestina La Argentina Tabi GrainPro
Colombia Huila Salado Blanco 36 Hour Fermentation Red Bourbon GrainPro


Guatemala Sierra de las Minas Finca La Bella Caturra GrainPro
Guatemala RFA Genuine Antigua Finca El Tempixque GrainPro

Honduras FTO Single Farmer Lots

Honduras FTO Melvin Alonzo GrainPro


Sumatra Kerinci Palompek Fully Washed GrainPro
Sumatra Kerinci Minang Camintoran Fully Washed GrainPro
Sumatra Dolok Sanggul Desha Dogul Fully Washed GrainPro

Nicaragua FTO

Nicaragua FTO Segovia SHG EP GrainPro Bags
Nicaragua FTO Jinotega Coomulfac SHG EP GrainPro Bags




Your Business

We would also like to understand from you how rising costs have affected your organization and how we can help. We’ve put together a short survey for those interested in sharing. Respondents will get a free ticket to a class at The Crown, their choice of IRL or virtual.*

-Max Nicholas-Fulmer
Royal Coffee

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