Staff Picks!

Sometimes we get excited around the cupping table, and one particular coffee stands out to us. We’re sure we aren’t alone in this – there’s always that coffee that just fits.

Taste in coffee is unapologetically subjective. There are some coffees we can all agree upon as being special, and for the Royal Trading Team and The Crown, those are the types of coffee that become Crown Jewels. Then there are coffees we know in our heart of hearts to be just right for someone. Some coffees like this might fly under the Crown Jewel radar, but are still worth mentioning.

Enter the Staff Pick. Many of you with established accounts know your trader very well, and have come to understand that their recommendations come from years of experience. Some others are just finding their kindred tasting souls, and this is our way of showing you what we appreciate in coffee. Remember the Staff Picks section at the video store? Well, video rentals fell out of favor a few years back, but we know a few people who still like to drink coffee… read on for the coffees we find exciting!


Robert Fulmer: 39185 – Mexico Altura Finca San Carlos Lot 2 EP GrainPro, 38979 – MEXICO QUIAVICUZAS HG EP

“The choices of high quality Mexican coffee continues to shrink mainly due to economic pressures. We need to support the ones still around. Here are two mellow sweet very drinkable choices: Finca San Carlos double washed and Mex Pluma Oaxaca Quiavicuzas.”

Evan Gilman: 40301 – Sumatra FTO Aceh Ujang Jaya

“Sumatra is my hobby horse, I know it. The Ujang Jaya is a name that I wasn’t familiar with, so I had low expectations on the table. But I had a sweet surprise: This coffee, while divisive, is a classic Sumatra with heavy cedar and toffee notes, and a clean herbal finish. If you love Sumatra, you’ll love this coffee!”

Sandra Loofbourow: 40011 – Sumatra Bener Meriah Mandheling Grade 1

“An excellent example of what Sumatra has to offer. Clean, very sweet and syrupy, and delightful complex. An unusual and very fun option.”

Richard Sandlin: 38796 – Ethiopia Guji 1 Natural Uraga GrainPro

“Sweet strawberry, cocoa, peach, syrupy and a hint of blood orange – This is the Ethiopian Natural you want to serve people who think they don’t like naturals.”

Chris Kornman: 40292 – Colombia Cauca Jose Arlex Olave Victoria GrainPro

“I’m a huge fan of this ultra-fresh, very classic, super clean Cauca. Butterscotch, Salted Caramel, Plum, Marmalade, and Apple Pie. It’s the perfect companion to autumn, pairing well with changing leaves and brisk mornings.”



Jen Apodaca: 40123 – Mexico Francisco Javier Montiel Valencia 12th Place COE 30kg Vacuum Pack

“Cherry blossoms, blood orange, green apple, vanilla buttercream, and rosewater. A dynamic and lively acidity with a complex sweetness, this Mexican CoE winner is easily one of the most memorable Mexican coffees that I have had the pleasure of roasting. From the family coming together for harvest to drying parchment on raised beds, this family’s commitment to quality is unrivaled.”