Staff Picks!

Sometimes we get excited around the cupping table, and one particular coffee stands out to us. We’re sure we aren’t alone in this – there’s always that coffee that just fits.

Taste in coffee is unapologetically subjective. There are some coffees we can all agree upon as being special, and for the Royal Trading Team and The Crown, those are the types of coffee that become Crown Jewels. Then there are coffees we know in our heart of hearts to be just right for someone. Some coffees like this might fly under the Crown Jewel radar, but are still worth mentioning.

Enter the Staff Pick. Many of you with established accounts know your trader very well, and have come to understand that their recommendations come from years of experience. So we asked each of our traders and The Crown team to pick just one coffee apiece to feature here. These are coffees we’re excited about!


John Cossette: 39352M – India Organic Seethargundu Estate Biodynamic Certified

“Creamy sweet caramel, light citric and saffron, a beautiful, elegant coffee, soft, sweet and extremely easy to drink. Coffee is not only certified organic but also grown biodynamically as certified by Demeter, in complete harmony with the local environment.”

Caitlin McCarthy-García: 40389 – Colombia Cauca Floresmiro Cuchillo GrainPro

“Fresh crop, unique, delicious, savory-pie Colombia.”


Laurel Wirth: 40531 – Ras Enjori Espresso GrainPro

“This syrupy, versatile blend combines all my favorite things about Ethiopian coffees. Floral, berries, jasmine, cocoa, and citrus. It’s great for drip as well as espresso.”


Kevin Morales: 39817 – Ethiopia Limu 2 Organic Tega and Tula

“An understated Ethiopian with lots of jasmine and grape, with a soft, juicy finish. Sweet, reserved, whispering in your ear instead getting in your face.”


Amanda Amato: 40246 – Colombia Organic Cesar Serrania del Perija Women’s Cooperative GrainPro

“The coffee I’m really into right now is Colombia Oganic Cesar Serrania Del Perija Women’s Cooperative. I always appreciate a coffee whose production serves to empower women, and this coffee comes from a coop comprised of 58 family-owned, woman-headed farms. It also doesn’t hurt when the coffee is this delicious. Brewed in a Chemex, it reminds me of tangy hot apple cider, perfect for long walks in the woods as the autumn foliage starts to turn and the air begins to chill.”


Alex Mason: 38737 – El Salvador Finca San Rafael Los Naranjos GrainPro

“This caramel toned cocoa-y washed mild is perfect as a Costa sub and the 21 farm owners that run the operation continue to work hard to keep traditional varietals and farming methods intact; Olde Skool.”