Looking to learn all about Espresso? Join us for our first-ever webinar “Good for Espresso”, a deep dive into one of our favorite brew methods on Thursday, October 8th at 11 AM PST. The Crown’s Alex Taylor, Candice Madison, Chris Kornman, Elise Becker, and Sandra Elisa Loofbourow will chat, debate, and field your inquiries about the omnipresent topic.

In preparation for our “Good for Espresso”, our Sales team put together a list of their favorite full-size bag offerings for espresso. Can’t wait to taste? Email us at info@royalcoffee.com to get a sample sent your way.


Brazil Organic Mogiana Fazenda Estancia Bela Vista 15+ Vidaplast, 46392 – Buy from Oakland, Seattle & Madison

This Brazil can handle it’s own as a single origin espresso or will perform wonderfully as the base to your new favorite espresso blend. We taste prune, baker’s chocolate, and cocoa.



Ethiopia Gedeb 1 Washed Halo Hartume Daniel Mijane Grainpro, 47107 – Buy from Oakland

Coffees from Daniel Mijane have been featured by Good Food Awards winners in the past and we are thrilled to welcome it back in 2020. We taste lemon, white peach, and jasmine.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe 1 Washed Aricha Lot 2 Grainpro, 46431 – Buy from Oakland, Houston & Madison

This coffee is the perfect reminder that summer has just passed. It’s bright, clean & balanced when pulled on bar. We taste magnolia, blueberry, and honeydew.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe 1 Natural Organic Bedhatu Jibicho Grainpro, 47303 – Buy from Oakland

Coffees from Bedhatu Jibicho, washed or natural, gives us a glimpse into the future of Ethiopian single farm lots. This woman produced coffee is a standout however you roast or brew it. We taste blackberry, blueberry, and lemon.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe 1 Washed Bedhatu Jibicho Grainpro, 46954 – Buy from Oakland & Madison

Coffees from Bedhatu Jibicho, washed or natural, gives us a glimpse into the future of Ethiopian single farm lots. This woman produced coffee is a standout however you roast or brew it.
We taste lemonade, peach syrup, and black tea.

Ethiopia Guji 3 Natural Uraga Grainpro, 47419 – Buy from Oakland & Madison

This competitively priced Natural will give you a splash of fruit to your blend. We taste lemon, dried strawberry, and a sugar wafer cookie.

El Salvador

El Salvador Cerro Las Ranas Honey Grainpro, 45875 – Buy from Oakland

Honey processed coffees are always fun on the espresso machine. It’s the perfect gateway to adding fruit to your menu without overdoing it. We taste strawberry, jam, nutty, and cocoa nibs.


Colombia Organic Narino Ecoterra Rosa Women’s Project Grainpro, 47651 – Buy from Oakland & Houston

This coffee has an inspiring story, produced by 40 female producers focused on quality, and would be an excellent addition to your single-origin espresso menu. We taste grapefruit, floral, caramel, and cinnamon.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica Organic Amistad SHB Ep Grainpro, 46388 – Buy from Oakland & Seattle

Finca Amistad’s coffees have been crowd favorites at Royal for years. We love Roberto Montero’s commitment to sustainability and quality. We taste walnut, apple and caramel.


Guatemala Antigua Bella Carmona B300 46kg Grainpro, 46361 – Buy from Oakland

Coffees from Luis Pedro Zelaya Zamora are always a real treat. Our customers have been loving the versatility of coffees from here and we love seeing Bella Carmona pop up on espresso menus across the world.
We taste caramel, pear, and nutmeg.


Mexico Chiapas Bella Vista Mayan Harvest Grainpro, 47141 – Buy from Oakland

The coffees coming from the 38 coffee producers associated with Rosalba Cifuentes have been a recent hit here at Royal. We just started working with Rosalba a few years ago but her impact can be felt throughout the industry. Rosalba ensures traceability for her community coffee by personally exporting the coffee directly to the Bay Area. We’ve featured her coffees on our espresso menu at The Crown and think they would be a great addition to your blend or single origin espresso. We taste honey, chocolate, and caramel.


Peru FTO Cafe de Mujer Aproccurma, 47168 – Buy from Oakland & Houston 

This dual certified female produced lot is a glimmer of hope coming out of Peru during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have seen our imports of coffees from Peru dwindle during the global crisis and are thrilled to offer this coffee. This would make a great option for the base of an espresso blend with an inspiring story. We taste melon, cola, and brown sugar.


Uganda Bugisu AA, 45928 – Buy from Oakland & Houston 

This lot offers a price competitive non-traditional option to your espresso blend. We love its body and chocolate notes. We taste dark chocolate, black pepper, and herbs.

Uganda Organic Bugisu, 45930 – Buy from Oakland

Like it’s sibling lot above, this is another great value-driven coffee for your menu, but Organic certified. This coffee delivers lots of sweetness at a great price. We taste brown sugar, rye bread, and walnuts

Uganda Organic RFA Sipi Falls Fully Washed Grainpro, 46521 – Buy from Oakland

Uganda is not typically a terroir you’ll find on a single origin espresso menu. This coffee hopes to change that. It can stand up on its own on bar or that you can place in your blends. It shows the range of Uganda’s profile, something we would love to see more roasters embrace. We taste golden raisin, graham cracker, and milk chocolate.