We’re adding a number of new classes to the calendar in March and April for 2018 before we head off to Expo in Seattle.

Coffee Cup Taster Calibration Training and Exercises – NEW!

Thursday, March 22, 2pm @ Pulley Collective in Oakland – $65

Focuses on exercises and training to achieve group agreement on a given standard when evaluating the sensory quality of coffee. Concepts ranging from cupper preparedness, tasting form familiarity, tasting revealed vs blind samples, and strategies for implementation will be covered.

Intro to Roasting – Price Reduced!

Thursday & Friday, April 6-7 @ CoRo in Berkeley – $475

A comprehensive introduction to the craft of roasting. Exposure to crucial concepts that will shape their experience and provide the tools to practice both sample and production roasting safely and successfully. The class includes multiple tastings of the work performed as well as plenty of hands-on roasting time.

A Brief History of Coffee’s Global Journey – NEW!

Tuesday, April 10 @ Pulley Collective in Oakland – $20

An interactive lecture and tasting that traces coffee’s origins, historical implications, and cultural impact across the globe.

Advanced Roasting – Price Reduced!

Thursday & Friday, April 12-13 @ CoRo in Berkeley – $475

Exploring the impact of green coffee metrics, stylistic roasting choices, and roast ‘defects.’ Hands on roasting at the helm of CoRo’s 15kg Loring and lots of cupping for evaluation and discussion.