We’re adding a number of new classes to the calendar in March and April for 2018 before we head off to Expo in Seattle.

Fact & Folklore: Coffee’s Culture & Cultivation – a Interactive Lecture & Tasting at Pulley Collective – NEW!

Tuesday, April 10 @ Pulley Collective in Oakland – $20

An interactive lecture and tasting that traces coffee’s origins, historical implications, and cultural impact across the globe. Fun and engaging with an unmatched level of depth, we’ll dive into coffee legends and lore, separating fact from fiction and learning a lot about what shaped the modern coffee growing and consuming landscape. Tastings of historical brewing methods and rare varieties augment the lecture.

Advanced Roasting – Price Reduced!

Thursday & Friday, April 12-13 @ CoRo in Berkeley – $475

Exploring the impact of green coffee metrics, stylistic roasting choices, and roast ‘defects.’ Hands on roasting at the helm of CoRo’s 15kg Loring and lots of cupping for evaluation and discussion.