Join Royal Coffee for a Journey to Ethiopia!




Royal will arrange all transportation and accommodation. Guests will only need to book their flights to and from Addis Ababa, and purchase a $50 Visa on Arrival. To secure your spot on this trip, please confirm with your trader, and make a $500 per person deposit, refundable until November 7th. Space is limited and groups are limited to two people each. Larger group considered on a case-by-case basis!

Total trip cost: $1900


12/9/2018 Arrive in Addis. PM Cupping at Testi. Dinner and Cultural Show.

12/10 Visit Adulina mill and cup, Yemeni Lunch (AM). Cup at METAD (PM).

12/11 Depart for Hawassa. Afternoon visit to SCFCU Coops. Lodging in Dilla

12/12 Visit Yirgacheffe Mills. Lodging in Yirgacheffe at Mahlet Hotel.

12/13 Depart for Hambela, visit Alaka and Bishan Fugu. Lodging at Alaka.

12/14 Visit more sites in Hambela, meet model out-growers. Lodging at Alaka.

12/15 Early morning departure. Visit Gedeb sites. Lodging at Mahlet Hotel.

12/16 Visit more Yirgacheffe area mills, return to Hawassa. Lodging at Lake Awasa.

12/17 Visit BnT mill and cupping lab outside Addis. Lodging in Addis. Final Dinner.

12/18 Trip Ends


If you’re curious to know more about this trip, contact your trader today, or read this article from last year’s expedition to Ethiopia!