On any coffee’s product page you can now set up custom email alerts to be sent to your inbox. Right below Additional Order Information you will see three checkboxes. By checking any one of these, entering your email, and clicking submit, you can recieve notifications when:

1. The coffee ships from origin. As soon as we have an ETA to any of our ports or warehouses (Madison and Shanghai included) you will get this email notification.

2. The coffee is SPOT. This is useful because it lets you know exactly when the coffee is available to be shipped, and also that it is available for Online Purchase.

3. The coffee is almost sold out. This may be the most useful alert of all. Instead of having to check every single day if the coffee you’ve been waiting to book is nearly gone, just set it and forget it.

One more useful tip is that the 5 digit Royal Coffee reference number can now be found in the URL (web address) of the page you are looking at. That way, if you’ve been buying a specific reference number or have cupped a sample that you really like, you can make sure your alerts are specific to that item.

Master this process and you will never hear “sorry that coffee sold out yesterday,” ever again!