As we rapidly approach harvest season in much of the world, planning begins for squaring away new crop commitments.

What to buy forward? How much to contract to make it worthwhile? How to get it where it needs to go?

Royal Coffee regularly provides import facilitation and warehousing services for clients who travel and source their own coffees at origin. We are happy to help you with this business, even on small volumes, and to walk you through some of the finer points of what “direct trade” means for buyers and sellers.
A few important notes:

  • The place to begin is with the FOB price you’ve agreed to, the total volume, and the packaging specs.
  • For those customers with already established credit, we may offer financing terms.
  • As always, we offer storage in our private warehouse free of charge for up to six months.
  • It is best to get in touch with us early in the season. We have shipments coming in from every major origin but space is limited in each container.

As with everything in the coffee business, communication is crucial to ensuring that Direct Trade deals work out successfully. Make sure you talk to us early, and often!