Brew Notes: Sweet Dark Chocolate, Almond, Graham Cracker. Amazing mouthfeel – buttery and smooth – big round body. Low acidity – super drinkable and complex enough to interest those with more discerning palates. As it cooled – more notes of milk chocolate and caramel. Would be great as a single origin offering on a pour over menu – I imagine you could also get some use out of it as a single origin, higher priced espresso option as well – would make for some great caps or macchiatos/cortados.

Preparation Method: Beehouse Drip Pour Over, Grams of Coffee: 23.7, Grams of Water: 380, Grind Size: 15, Grinder Type: Baratza Encore, Pre-infusion: 30 seconds, Final Brew Time: 2 minutes 55 seconds

Trader: Spencer Ford