This time of the year is typically lean in high-quality washed milds for most roasters, which is why we’re letting you in on the worst-kept secret in seasonal coffee menus: Colombia.

We have been directing buyers to our roster of distinctive washed lineup of coffees from southern Huila and Cauca so much lately we figured everyone might want to know. These coffees landed in December and they can perform as anything, from traceable top-shelf washed offerings to single origin espressos, blend refreshers, cold brew–all the little product cracks that so many roasters are looking to fill this time of year while we await our Central America arrivals.

24961 Colombia Huila San Adolfo A Grainpro Bags A blend of 5 family farms from the San Adolfo community, this is the most floral, delicate, stone-fruit like of the bunch, so many of the attributes we have learned to seek in our best Huilas. Dominant notes are jasmine, white peach, and lychee.

24957 Colombia Cauca La Sierra AA Grainpro BagsThis coffee is produced by Gustavo Molano Ordoñez on his 11-hectare farm near La Sierra, south of Popayán in vista-filled southern Cauca, is rich and chocolatey with a banana sweetness, and subtle tropical fruit. Primary notes are lime, tropical fruit, banana, and  chocolate.

24956 Colombia Cauca El Tambo AA Grainpro Bags A blend of 2 small producers in the Rio Blanco community near El Tambo in central Cauca, this coffee was cherry-fermented prior to depulping for a deeply tart, creamy, and citric balance. We tasted cream, tangerine, and cocoa.

These coffees are all sourced from Banexport, a Colombian export company that works directly with producers who have a shared commitment for exquisite coffee processing, and loving care for their farms and the environment. Banexport helps producers gain access to technical support regarding best practices for farm management, processing the harvest, and cupping feedback, which helps producers improve the quality of their coffee. The model of collaborative effort produces traceable lots with vibrant regional profiles.