Editor’s note: In December 2021, Royal Coffee donated the proceeds from the sale of CJO1444 , generously matched by Oatly, to Grounds for Health. In the note below, Kyle Engleman, Director of Philanthropy, issues a heartfelt thanks on behalf of Grounds for Health. Interested in getting involved? Email Kyle here

Dear Royal Coffee Customers, 

Thank you for purchasing Royal’s Ethiopia Crown Jewel and supporting Grounds for Health as we close out our 25th year. We have had a remarkable year thanks to the support of individuals and companies like you and thanks to the tireless work of our staff, who have ensured that more women than ever receive preventative healthcare despite the challenges of a global pandemic.  

Cervical cancer kills one women every two minutes, and over 85% of these deaths occur in low and middle income countries. We believe that this disparity is unacceptable; that women deserve access to healthcare regardless of their race, income, or location and that we have a global responsibility to act accordingly.  

Your gift inspires us, as it reminds us that we are not alone in this belief. And, it makes our work possible. In 2022, it will help us introduce self-testing to the communities we serve and expand our geographic reach. Thank you.


With respect and gratitude,  


Kyle Engelman  

Director of Philanthropy