Tastings at The Crown

The final chapter in any coffee’s story is its flavor. Whether evaluating coffees available for purchase, understanding the effects of different brewing methods, deconstructing the components of taste, or simply enjoying a fresh cup, flavor is paramount. The cupping table is at the centerpiece of a coffee’s sensory analysis.

Our tasting events open the door to the world of sensory science, providing the opportunity to experience our coffees in a beautiful, one-of-a-kind setting. We look forward to hosting you at the Crown and exploring new flavor possibilities together.

The Coffee Buyers’ Cupping Table

The Coffee Buyers’ Cupping Table is your opportunity to buy coffee the same way we do here at Royal. You’ll be able to evaluate a selection of coffees still working their way down to the dry mills, in some cases, meet the farmers & exporters behind the offers, and lock in your supply before these coffees ever show up on our Offering Sheet.

At these cupping events, you can expect type samples from potential suppliers of green coffee, preshipment samples from suppliers we already work with, and fresh arrivals to our Oakland warehouse. These cuppings are geared towards coffee professionals in green buying, roasting, and quality control. Space is limited, please register to reserve your seat at the cupping table.

Friday Tastings

Our tastings are open to the public on Fridays from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm. The Friday Tastings vary in theme, so be sure to check out our Calendar for the full listing of events.




Visiting the Crown

We’re located in the heart of Uptown Oakland, which means that you’re in the midst of Oakland’s many culinary delights, but parking is extremely limited. We recommend that you read our FAQ’s before you plan a visit.