Staff Picks!

This week at the cupping table, Ethiopia, Sumatra, and Colombia dominated in terms of arrivals. We also have the beginnings of an influx of Brazilian offerings, but this month truly seems to be the calm before the storm. The Ethiopian selections in particular lightened our spirits, as you can see below.

Taste in coffee is unapologetically subjective. There are some coffees we can all agree upon as being special, and for the Royal Trading Team and The Crown, those are the types of coffee that become Crown Jewels. Then there are coffees we know in our heart of hearts to be just right for someone. Some coffees like this might fly under the Crown Jewel radar, but are still worth mentioning.

Enter the Staff Pick. Many of you with established accounts know your trader very well, and have come to understand that their recommendations come from years of experience. Some others are just finding their kindred tasting souls, and this is our way of showing you what we appreciate in coffee. Remember the Staff Picks section at the video store? Well, video rentals fell out of favor a few years back, but we know a few people who still like to drink coffee… read on for the coffees we find exciting!


Amanda Amato: 38811 – Ethiopia Yirgacheffe 1 Aramo Lot 3 GrainPro

“The days are getting shorter, and waking up and biking to work before sunrise means I need a little more brightness in my day. Ethiopia Yirgacheffe 1 Aramo Lot 3 does the trick, with summery jasmine and vibrant lemon over a thick and creamy body..”

Peter Radosevich: 40034 – Guatemala Finca Alotepeque Mario Jordan Duarte Pacamara SHB

“A nice late season Guatemala from an award winning farm in Alotepeque. Reasonably priced for a Pacamara, and more well rounded than most presentations of this variety. Chocolate and fudge notes dominate with light fruitiness on the back end.”

Chris Kornman: 39893 – Ethiopia Yirgacheffe 1 Organic Desta Gola

“Late to the party, but making a helluva entrance and turning heads, this saucy, zesty, bold Organic Yirgacheffe raised more than a few eyebrows when it touched down last week. Soon to be released as a Crown Jewel.”


John Cossette: 39352M – India Organic Seethargundu Estate Biodynamic Certified

“Creamy sweet caramel, light citric and saffron, a beautiful, elegant coffee, soft, sweet and extremely easy to drink. Coffee is not only certified organic but also grown bio-dynamically as certified by Demeter, in complete harmony with the local environment.”