Seattle Expo Expedition

In April, Royal Coffee is embarking on a journey of epic proportions to the storied land of Seattle, Washington. What brings us there? Funny you should ask. Seattle is well known for its coffee, its fresh air, and of course its excellent weather – but we’re truly going there for YOU.

Aside from the central event of SCA Expo, we have a few events planned that might pique your interest…


Royal Coffee Happy Hour

Join us on April 21st from 6-8pm for a bite to eat and a drink to drink at Maker Space. We’re celebrating being in your presence, and could think of no better way to do that than to invite you all to break bread with us.

So once you’re finished tasting all the coffee and shaking all the hands at Expo, walk down to Ye Olde SCA Global Coffee Expo Happy Hour, taking place at Maker Space (on Lenora, between 1st Avenue and Western Avenue) near the Pike Place Market.

RSVP here if you plan to join us!

See you there!

Featured Producers at SCA Expo

Drop by our booth to meet with some of your favorite producers during the SCA Expo! We will host some world-renowned personalities from coffee producing countries, and this is your chance to meet them in person! While you meet the producers of fine coffee, you’ll be able to taste the very coffee they provide. We’ll have a dedicated barista serving you their coffee (brewed and espresso) all throughout the show in order to facilitate this interaction.


See some of our attendees below:

Friday, April 21
10:30AM-12:30 METAD / (Ethiopia)
1:00-3:00PM Aida Batlle / Aida Battle Selection  / (El Salvador)
3:30-5:30PM Felipe A. Paz / Cafe Granja La Esperanza / (Colombia)

Saturday, April 22
10:30AM-12:30 Phyllis Nganga / KCCE / (Kenya)
1:00-3:00PM Mayra Orellana-Powell / Catracha Coffee / (Honduras)
3:30-5:30PM Luis Pedro Zelaya Zamora / (Guatemala)

Sunday, April 23
10:30AM-12:30 Roberto Mata / CoopeDota / (Costa Rica)
1:00-3:00PM Teddy Yilak / BNT Coffee (Ethiopia)



The Royal Crown and Guests at the Roaster Village

We’re very excited to be able to host two lucky customers at the Roaster Village in the Arena at Expo. These customers are the winners of our current Instagram contest – see the article above for more information, as the contest is still going on through this weekend!

In addition to the exciting opportunity to serve their coffee at the Roaster Village at Expo, winners will receive a Crown Jewel shipped to their door and the opportunity to collaborate with The Crown team to create an analysis. Has there been a more excellent opportunity for promotion? These kittens think not.

We are looking forward to seeing you all there!