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Junior Trader, Caitlin McCarthy-Garcia, shares her top green coffee picks for best-selling, approachable coffees. 

East Africa:
We designed 32570-1 Decaf Amani Sana Africa Blend Swiss Water to be an incredibly well-balanced decaf blend with notes of chocolate, roasted nuts, caramel, and malt.

Each year we look forward to receiving new crop Dukunde Kawa as this coop delivers top quality year on year. The cup profile tends to be lots of dark, purple fruits with some floral and bright acidity. 31714 Rwanda FT/FLO Organic Dukunde Kawa Mbilima, comes from the Mbilima washing station within the Dukunde Kawa cooperative.

New crop Kenya! FAQ stands for “fine average quality,” but in Kenya, that has a different meaning since baseline quality is already so high. We cupped 32880 Kenya AA FAQ pre-ship and loved its mandarin orange flavors backed by melon and grapefruit, plus lime citrus. Very zesty but with a nice sweetness.

Costa Rica: Our Costa Ricas are magnificent, a dream to roast, and make excellent winter coffees. 

Asia Pacific We’ve got some new arrivals and a limited selection of beautiful, washed coffee with the classic savory profile from the Nebilyer Valley. Our crème de la crème organic coffees from Timuza Coffee Cooperative, and the Konkua certified smallholder group are stellar and go quickly every year.