Royal Coffee has made the decision to stop trading Methylene Chloride processed decaf. Consumer health issues surrounding MC decaf have been discussed for years, and it is a widely held position that the risks, if any, are minimal or nonexistent. Handling, producing, and transporting MC is potentially dangerous, but we are not aware of any major incidents caused by MC in the decaffeination industry.

The reason we are making this decision is based on a general concern for the biosphere and atmosphere. Methylene Chloride is a very volatile product and is now found in water supplies throughout the world. Methylene Chloride also contributes to the warming of the atmosphere, to be honest, in a very small way compared to other gases, but some.

We have read that the world’s sixth major extinction event has started, and is being caused by the actions of human beings. The positive aspect of this depressing news is that we can control our actions. So while the decision to stop selling MC decaf is extremely small in the big picture, it is something Royal can do, and the consequences of millions of small decisions hopefully will add up.

Besides, it is only a matter of time. When new decaf plants are built in the world today, they are not MC plants.  Greener alternatives are readily available.

Please see Chris Kornman’s article for a comprehensive view.  

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