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The Crown is the perfect destination for your next event, training or gathering.

The Crown: Royal Coffee Lab & Tasting Room

Before its transformation into Oakland’s first coffee lab & tasting room, our historic building started life in the 1920’s as a car showroom. We carefully renovated the space to both preserve what we loved about the building and reflect our open-source and experimental ethos.

We provide end-to-end turn-key services including: beverage, food, hospitality & world-class coffee service. The Crown offers:

  • State of the Art A/V with wireless mic, both a 133” projector, a 92” projector and  surround sound throughout the entire building
  • Our network of world-class caterers, ranging from Afro-Brazilian cuisine to Japanese specialties. Whatever culinary experience you’re looking for, we have a wide network ready to help
  • 65 chairs
  • 6 elegant, movable carts
  • A one-of-a-kind experience your guests will remember

Whether you simply need a beautiful space, a private training with our esteemed coffee professionals, or the ideal space to host 150 or your closest friends, complete with food and drink, this is the venue for you. Located in the heart of Oakland, your guests can easily visit The Crown via BART, bike or bus.  

For rental inquiries, please contact The Crown’s Tasting Room Manager, Josh Wismans.

credit: Kevin Studarji


Can I see the space before I book?

Yes! To set up a free walk through, fill out the form above. However, you can always stop by our Tasting Room, which is open to the public, and join us for coffee.

Do you have seating?

Yes! We have seating for up to 65 and a plethora of movable elegant tables for all kinds of event types.

Can I hold a presentation?

Yes! We have state of the art A/V equipment and everything you would need for a turn-key presentation.

Do you only serve coffee?

Great question. Our normal operation only offers beverages, but we can provide a customized end-to-end hospitality experience for you and your guests. Everything from aperitifs to Zumba Classes. (Maybe not Zumba classes, but you get the idea). 

Do you offer non-profit rates?

Yes! Please mention this in your request and we will do our best to accommodate.

Can I rent time on your roasters?


We do not rent time on our roasters. However, Bay Area residents are in luck: there are two such outlets, Bay Area Co-Ro & Pulley Collective who specialize in these services. If you’re looking to learn how to roast coffee on our machines, we do offer all levels roasting classes (and a whole lot more) ranging from 1 hour quick classes, to full week workshops and everything in between. 

What sort of equipment do you have at The Crown?

For those in the coffee industry, here is a list of our technical equipment:

The Tasting Room has a modular espresso bar created by Oakland artist Joe Chambers, as well as: 

  • 3-group La Marzocco Linea PB
  • 3 Mazzer Robur grinders
  • 8-tap cold brew system with cold brew and nitro hookups
  • Mahlkönig EK 43
  • 2 Marco Über Boilers with matching Ecoboiler UC10s
  • Fetco 2152XTS
  • Rotating pour-over brew methods

The Presentation Room

133” projector screen. There are custom, movable cupping tables for small, medium and large-scale cuppings, in addition to: 

  • La Marzocco GS3 AV
  • La Marzocco Mini 
  • 2 Mazzer Luxe D grinder
  • Mahlkönig EK 43
  • 2 Marco Über Boilers with matching Ecoboiler UC45

The Brew Lab 

92” projector screen.

  • 3 La Marzocco 2-group espresso machines
  • Linea PB AV
  • GB5 EE
  • Linea Classic AV
  • 6 Mazzer espresso grinders
  • Mazzer Major doser
  • Mazzer Kony E
  • 3 Mazzer Robur E
  • Swift EPS
  • 2 Marco Ecoboiler TC 10
  • Mahlkönig EK 43
  • 2 Fetco 2152XTS
  • 4-tap cold brew system with cold brew and nitro hookups

The Roasting Lab: 

1 kilo Probatino, 5 kilo Diedrich, 15 kilo Loring, Coffee Pro Direct, Proaster, Ikawas & bank of home coffee roasting machines

The Green Room: 

All the technical equipment you’d expect from a world-class Green Coffee Importing company like Royal Coffee.

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Our Space

The space is filled with natural sunlight fed through skylights scattered throughout the 27-foot ceiling. Various iterations of the space are possible with our movable walls and modular bars. The Crown is fully equipped with state-of-the-art A/V equipment and a wide selection of the latest coffee equipment from premier suppliers like Fellow, La Marzocco, Loring, and more.

The Tasting Room

All guests enter The Crown via our Tasting Room. This room features the opportunity for stellar coffee service, diverse counter heights for drinks & light bites, an expansive 8-tap system, and a mobile modular coffee bar, called “Naaga”, built by Oakland artist Chambers Art & Design.

When the modular Nanawall moveable glass door system is opened, this room will connect to the adjacent Presentation Room & is ideal for large gatherings. It can also operate fully independently.

    The Presentation Room

    This room is both the largest and most customizable room, perfect to create the layout that best fits your needs. 

    With it’s acoustic paneling and 133″ inch projector screen, this room was designed for presentations, panel discussions, passed or shared appetizers and, of course, cuppings. 

    When the modular Nanawall moveable glass door system is opened, this room will connect to the adjacent Tasting Room & is ideal for large gatherings. It can also operate fully independently.

    When the pocket Nanawall moveable glass door is opened, this room will connect to the adjacent Brew Lab.

    The Brew Lab

    This room is the most technical room. It was designed for hands-on learning and more intimate training & presentations with it’s 92” projector screen.

    When the pocket Nanawall moveable glass doors are opened, this room can connect to either the Roast Lab or the Presentation Room, making it ideal for viewership overflow, or to house a catering company.

      The Roast Lab

      This room was designed to roast coffee and not much else. Your guests will enjoy the opportunity to see the collections of roasters up close while they hibernate during your event.