Here are some highlights of what the Crown is getting into this summer while the finishing touches are placed on our new building. Be sure to check out our Events Page frequently for new listings.

Crown Jewel Cupping Event in Oakland, CA

Thursday, May 24 – 3pm – Free

Join us for a hot-off-the-presses Crown Jewel cupping at Pulley Collective on May 24th at 3pm. Don’t miss this chance to taste all of our freshly landed options and chat with the team at Royal & The Crown. Featured Origins include Ethiopia, Kenya, Costa Rica, Mexico, Yemen, Guatemala, and more!.

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Fact & Folklore: Coffee Culture Tasting & Discussion in Denver, CO

Thursday, June 7 – 3pm – $20

On the eve of Coffee Fest Denver, join us at Amethyst Coffee for a flight of unique coffee beverages served in tandem with a discussion about the forgotten corners of coffee history. Followed by a happy hour.

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Intro to Cupping: Defects, the Flavor Wheel, and the SCA Form in Emeryville, CA

Tuesday, June 12, 1pm – $50

Curious to taste though the SCA flavor wheel? Excited to experience some sensory defects? Ready to get detailed with the SCA cupping form? This is the class for you. By the end of the class you’ll be prepared to set up and execute your own professional coffee tasting and equipped with invaluable sensory analytic tools.

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Water Composition and Coffee: Theory and Tasting in Berkeley, CA

Thursday, June 21, 2pm – $50

If nerding out about water quality is your idea of a good time, this is a must-attend class. You’ll taste the effect of specific minerals on water and coffee, and you’ll walk away with take-away tips and tricks to explore on your own, either at home or in a busy cafe.

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Micro Roasting – Crafting Small Coffee Batches on Behmor, Ikawa, and Probat in Berkeley, CA

Thursday, June 28, 1pm – $185

A unique opportunity to learn about 3 completely different types of small roasters in one location. You’ll have the opportunity to learn under our experienced team with plenty of hands-on roasting using our favorite Crown Jewels. We’ll taste the results and talk about the effect of heat transfer as well.

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