Two announcements made in the past week carry significant interest for us here at Royal Coffee: the Ethiopian Coffee Exporter’s Association annual report, and the Good Food Awards Finalist list.

According to ECEA’s official figures, Royal paid the highest average FOB price for Ethiopian coffee from the 2015/16 season of any company, anywhere in the world. This comes while also being amongst the largest buyers by pure volume. Our neighbors on this list are some of the world’s biggest coffee companies, and we promise we are the only ones on here not buying a single bag of Djimmah 5, or any other commercial grades for that matter.

NoBuyer NameTonsUSD,000Price USD/TonVolume shareValue share
1Royal Coffee, Inc.3,812.1026299.936899.066133.20%5.85%
2Falcon Coffees Limited2,386.0215096.386327.013192.00%3.36%
3Trabocca B.V.2,811.2417327.716163.72492.36%3.85%
4Schluter S.A.2,125.8012905.176070.735721.78%2.87%
5IllyCaffè S.p.A.2,553.6014826.245806.015042.14%3.30%
6InterAmerican Coffee Inc.1,899.0010972.885,778.241.59%2.44%
7Walter Maftter Sa3,385.6515236.254,500.242.84%3.39%
8Efico GMBH Tornescher Weg3,655.5015711.44,298.023.07%3.50%
9Volcafe Limited20,418.2679012.613,869.7017.14%17.58%
10Equatorial Traders Limited8,910.0633151.543,720.697.48%7.37%
11Al Kaher Trading Office Co. Ltd8,586.0030831.583,590.917.21%6.86%
12Hamburg Coffee Company5,680.2020118.213,541.814.77%4.48%
13Bernhard Rothfos Gmbh1046436198.783,459.368.78%8.05%
14Ecom Agroindustrial Corp. Ltd Av4,076.4012772.793,133.353.42%2.84%
15Mitsui & Co. Ltd10471.832068.223,062.348.79%7.13%
17Salem Bin Mahfood Trading Est4,109.4012254.372,982.033.45%2.73%
18Koninklijke Douwe Egberts4,358.4011919.742,734.893.66%2.65%
19Al Mustaneer Trading Est8,820.0024063.642,728.307.40%5.35%
20Socadec S.A Route6,797.6017166.992,525.455.70%3.82%
 Total of top 20119158.03449513.873,772.42100.00%100.00%
 Total export198,621.75722,425.763,637.1959.99%62.22%

Ranked based on the price per ton of coffee purchased. Source: Ethiopian Coffee Exporter’s Association Annual Report

It is deeply satisfying for us be known as the premier importer from the world’s premier origin. Given the recent Good Food Awards announcement, it is clear that the prices we pay and the investments we make are paying off. For anyone familiar with this competition, you know it is almost always dominated by the Birthplace of Coffee. Try as they might to widen the field, this year’s judging panel once again awarded 18 of the top 25 slots to roasters using Ethiopian Coffees.

Of those 18, fully half were sourced by Royal Coffee.

Congratulations to this year’s Good Food Award Finalists & Winners
Winners in Gold

RoasterCoffee OriginCoffee NameRoaster State
Anchorhead CoffeeGuatHueheutenango – CodechWA
Bard CoffeeEthiopiaHambela EstateME
BeanFruit Coffee CompanyEthiopiaAdame Gorbota CooperativeMS
Bird Rock Coffee RoastersPanamaHaciena La Esmeralda Noria LotCA
Case Coffee RoastersEthiopiaHunkuteOR
Craft & Mason Roasting Co.EthiopiaHunkuteMI
Crimson Cup Coffee & TeaEthiopiaKossa KebenaOH
Equator Coffee & TeasPanamaEmeralda Mario – CamavalCA
Giv CoffeePanamaBoquete – Kotowa Geisha NaturalCT
Higher Grounds Trading CoEthiopiaYirgacheffe IdidoMI
Intelligentsia CoffeeEthiopiaKurimi – Angelino ProfileCA
Intelligentsia CoffeeEthiopiaKurimi – Chicago ProfileIL
Kickapoo Coffee RoastersEthiopiaOrganic Yirgacheffe Charbanta Natural ProcessWI
Klatch CoffeeEthiopiaFTO GedebCA
La Colombe Coffee RoastersPanamaHacienda La Esmeralda GesihaPA
Lineage RoastingKenyaKagumoini (Kamacharia Coop)FL
Lineage RoastingEthiopiaBokassoFL
Mr. EspressoEthiopiaFTO Worka NaturalCA
Noble Coffee RoastingEthiopiaAdisu KidaneOR
Noble Coffee RoastingEthiopiaShilchoOR
Novel Coffee RoastersEthiopiaBokassoTX
Olympia Coffee Roasting Co.EthiopiaKongaWA
Onyx Coffee LabEthiopiaHambela BukuAR
OQ Coffee Co.EthiopiaKanyon Mountain FarmNJ
Red Rooster Coffee RoasterEthiopiaWashed HambelaVA
Speckled Ax Wood Roasted CoffeeEthiopiaBekele DukaleME
Spyhouse Coffee Roasting Co.EthiopiaKyon MountainMN

This is an accomplishment of which we are incredibly proud. Exceptional green coffees deserve to be roasted with the precision and skill that these companies have displayed, and we are thrilled to have played a role in bringing these coffees to market. Royal has a commitment to our suppliers to pay the best possible prices, and to our customers to deliver outstanding quality, and we are managing to excel at both.