Green Coffee Picks Through Winter 2023

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Vice President of Green Coffee Trading, Alex Mason, shares his top green coffee picks for to get you through the end of the year, and some advice: it’s time to buy your Central American coffees while they are still here. The wait until Spring is long! His other advice? Prices are down, so lock up your cornerstone coffees through the end of the year and lock in some profit before they get captured, the market shifts, or origin premiums change. A word on his selections, linked below, by origin:  

Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua: The time is now to get in on the prime arrivals from Central America. Our Costa Ricas are magnificent, a dream to roast, and make excellent holiday coffees. We’re getting low on our best-selling Guatemalas from Zelcafe (Luis Pedro Zelaya’s storied coffees), and our higher altitude single farm lots won’t be back until May. Honduras are great value coffees, as always, and we are eagerly anticipating the return of our Catracha Community lots from Honduras in late September. We’ve also got an excellent selection of Nicaraguas spot from our friends at Cafetos.

Papua New Guinea: We’ve got some new arrivals and a limited selection of beautiful, washed coffee with the classic savory profile from the Nebilyer Valley. We’re looking forward to mid-September and October arrivals of our crème de la crème organic coffees from Timuza Coffee Cooperative, and the Konkua certified smallholder group. These organics are scarce; we suggest booking in advance as they go quickly every year.  

Brazil: Some of our top performers that make up the backbone of coffee menus are starting to come in now through November. We’re excited to share it all: workhorse coffees for blends, elevated lots for espresso, classic coffees from stalwart regions like Mogiana, high-end, red and yellow Catuai organic lots, and more. This is an origin where booking ahead ensures that you capture margin. 

Colombia: Both the quality and value of these coffees should make it a momentous year for Colombia coffees. In terms of quality, we’ve got “bread and butter” coffees from Juan Valdez/FNC, holiday stunners, and an incredible natural red bourbon coming that we just approved for shipment, estimated to arrive in October. Decaf pricing is also looking good due to lower premiums in Colombia, so the ethyl acetate (EA) Colombia decafs are competitively priced, and even coming in at lower prices than some of our EA Mexico decaf lots.