Join us for coffee courses focused on green coffee buying, sensory exercises and coffee roasting at Bay Area CoRoasters (CoRo)


Introduction to Roasting: 3 Day Course – Wednesday, May 17 + Friday, May 19 + Sunday, May 21 – SOLD OUT

Sold As All 3 Days – $650 
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Wednesday, May 17: 1-4pm
Friday, May 19: 1-4pm
Sunday, May 21: 10-1pm

Intro to Coffee Roasting offers a comprehensive introduction to the craft of roasting. Over the course of three days, students will be exposed to crucial concepts that will shape their experience and provide the tools to practice both sample and production roasting safely and successfully. The class includes multiple tastings of the work performed as well as plenty of hands-on roasting time. (Co-taught by Jen Apodaca & Chris Kornman.) Core subjects covered will include:

  1. Introductions to Coffee Origins
  2. Sample Roasting Basics
  3. Production Roasting Basics
  4. Roaster Safety
  5. Familiarization with Equipment
  6. Roast Profiling
  7. Cupping & Evaluation of Roast Success

Roasting Styles & Impact on Flavor – Thursday, May 25 – SOLD OUT

9am – 12:30pm – $350 
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Looking to add some skills to your roasting tool kit? Here, you’ll learn three distinct roasting theories, as well as getting exposure to core conceptual training for roast profiling and stages of development. We will demonstrate the roast styles in a drum roaster and evaluate their success on the cupping table with several coffees of varied origin, density, screen size, and moisture content. Students will be introduced to the following roasting theories:

  1. Keeping the Rate of Rise in Constant Descent – Scott Rao
  2. Elongating the Maillard Reactions for Body – Rob Hoos
  3. Resting after First Crack – the “S” Curve technique by Ed Leebrick

About the Instructors

Chris Kornman, Education and Lab Manager, Royal Coffee, Inc.:

Chris Kornman is a seasoned coffee quality specialist with a decade of experience working with Geoff Watts as a cupper, educator, green coffee buyer, and roaster. Chris logged thousands of miles and hours across the coffee lands in East Africa and Brazil, though lately his focus has been developing educational curriculum and written media for The Crown: Royal Coffee Lab & Tasting Room. Whether to a room of 300 Anacafé members in Guatemala City, 100 attendees at the Roasters Guild Sensory Summit at UC Davis, or one-on-one training, his passion for education knows no boundaries. Chris rides a 1986 Schwinn Prelude, plays Washburn B-17 5-string banjo and Bach Stradivarius Bb trumpet, and always carries a Frisbee – just in case.

Jen Apodaca, Director of Roasting, Royal Coffee, Inc.: 

Jen started roasting coffee in 2005 for McMenamins Inc. in Portland, Oregon. She has roasted coffee for Ecco Caffe, Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea, and Blue Bottle Coffee. She is now the Director of Roasting for The Crown: Royal Coffee Lab & Tasting Room. She has experience on several styles of roasting machines and is dedicated to the craft of making coffee more delicious. She serves on the SCAA’s Roaster’s Guild Executive Council, is a certified Q-Grader, is the Chair Emeritus of the Coffee Committee of the Good Food Awards and has been an international juror for the Cup of Excellence.

Evan Gilman, Creative Director, Royal Coffee, Inc.

Evan is, amongst other things, a photographer, musician in a Balinese gamelan, a brewer, and a licensed Q Grader. He joins The Crown after extensive travel throughout Indonesia, work as a trainer for Blue Bottle Coffee Company, and 15 years in the coffee industry.

About the Host Venue

Bay Area CoRoasters provides the tools, training, and space needed to roast, package, and source coffee in a collaborative and community space. They are passionate about connecting the coffee community with the people, equipment, and resources they need to roast great coffee. Their diverse membership includes commercial roasters with established reputations, roasters dedicated to developing new brands in this changing coffee landscape, home roasters passionate about honing their skills, and coffee enthusiasts.