How to Buy Coffee from Us

Whether purchasing through one of our traders or buying online…

Buying Coffee

How can I buy coffee?

There are two distinct ways to purchase coffee from Royal.

The first is the traditional method of calling or emailing your salesperson for a price quote. This offers a lot of flexibility in that we can get to know you and make recommendations based on your distinct needs and preferences, and you have the option of shipping out of Oakland, Seattle, Madison, Houston, or Shanghai.

The second method is via our online webstore. If a coffee is available for online purchase, it is physically here (SPOT) in any of the four American warehouses. If you are located in the continental United States, you may elect to have the cost of shipping built into your order total and we will prepay the freight for you. For online orders outside the USA, please contact us after you have completed the purchase. Only coffees which have received a composite score of 86 points or higher in our quality control cuppings are available for online purchase.

Should I buy online or the traditional way?

Buying online is ideal if…

  • You want to place an order and ship right away, paying a single invoice for the coffee and the freight with your credit card.
  • You need to add some coffees to your position for later delivery, and our office is closed.
  • You want to peruse our offerings at your leisure, determine the coffee you’d like, and order whenever you are ready.

Buying the traditional way is ideal if…

  • Develop a relationship with one of our experienced traders to determine exactly what coffee you want.
  • Book any coffee on the sheet, whether it is forward, afloat, or SPOT.
  • Multiple payment methods including credit card, wire transfer, ACH, checks, or even cash at our warehouse. Credit terms may be offered.
What are your offerings?

Whichever way you prefer to purchase, the place to begin is on our filterable Offering Sheet. From here you can see all the coffee we have available for sale, both on the SPOT and booked for future delivery.

On the individual coffee product pages, you can setup custom email alerts to let you know when a coffee has shipped from origin, has arrived in our warehouse, or is about to get sold out.

What happens if I purchase a coffee and am unhappy with the quality I've received?

We stand behind our coffees and hope you’ll come to us should you encounter any problems. We’ll work with you to come up with a solution for any issues. At this time however, Crown Jewel boxes are non-refundable. If you have any questions about a Crown Jewel prior to purchasing, we’d love to speak with you.


How do online purchases ship?

For orders from Oakland, Seattle, and Houston we use our pallet rates to anywhere in the Lower 48. You can elect to ship right away (and have the freight cost built into your total), or leave the coffee in our warehouse and arrange pickup/delivery with us later. This is done via the Shipping tab in checkout. You may also elect to arrange a Will Call.

For orders purchased online out of Madison, select whether you’d like to ship or Will Call. You will then be contacted by Caffeinated Cargo to arrange pick up or delivery, just like when you order with your salesperson.

You can combine shipments from purchases online and coffee booked the traditional way. After you’ve completed the online order, select “Leave Coffee in Position” on the Shipping tab and then call us and we can set up the shipment for you.

Crown Jewels ship via UPS out of our Oakland warehouse. If you order a Crown Jewel box on the same order as a full bag, you will receive two separate shipments: (1) UPS Shipment of your Crown Jewel box and (1) Freight shipment of your big bags. We cannot place Crown Jewel boxes on pallets at this time. Crown Jewels only ship on Tuesdays & Thursdays at this time. Crown Jewels ordered on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday will ship on Tuesday. Crown Jewels ordered on Monday & Tuesday will ship on Thursday.

How do Crown Jewels ship?

Crown Jewels ship via UPS. If you order a Crown Jewel box on the same order as a full bag, you will receive two separate shipments: (1) UPS Shipment of your Crown Jewel box and (1) Freight shipment of your big bags. We cannot place Crown Jewel boxes on pallets at this time.

How much will freight cost?

Right before you finalize your order and give your credit card information, your freight quote can be found. If shipping out of Madison, Caffeinated Cargo will select the best rate for you and send you an invoice.

Please be sure to check all boxes that apply to your shipment (liftgate, residential delivery, etc.)! Though the boxes be little, they be mighty & they ensure smooth delivery.

Can I pick up at the warehouse?

Yes. Here is where you’ll go:

6201 Coliseum Way
Oakland, CA 94621
Will-Call 7:30 – 3:30, Monday – Friday

1121 Larsen Road
Fort Atkinson, WI 53538
Will-Call by appointment. Please call: 920.568.9800

Dupuy Storage
7703 Cannon Street
Houston, TX 77021
Orders placed by 11am ship the next day. After 11am ships in two business days.
Will-Call 10am-3pm. Closed 12:00-12:30 for lunch. Please call: 832.384.7750

The Green R1302 29th St. NW
Auburn, WA 98001
Will-Call 7:30am to 2pm, Monday-Friday.

When will my order ship?

Orders placed by 4pm (West Coast) ship within two business days from our Oakland warehouse.

Orders placed by 11am ship next day from the Green Room. After 11am ships in two business days from the Green Room.

Orders placed by 3pm (West Coast) ship the next day from the Madison Warehouse.

Do I have to ship the coffee right away?

No. You can leave full size bags of coffee in your position and ship at a later date. Please remember that once you decide to ship the coffee, you’ll need to contact us to release the order.

However, Crown Jewels must ship based on the following. Crown Jewels ordered on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday will ship on Tuesday. Crown Jewels ordered on Monday & Tuesday will ship on Thursday. We do not allow storage of Crown Jewels.

Ordering Online

Is there a difference in price between online purchases and those done with my sales rep?

We’ve priced our online inventory for orders that will be one pallet maximum and will be paid with a credit card. There are many scenarios that fall outside of that category and pricing will be influenced accordingly. If you do order in volumes larger than one pallet, your prices would most likely be lower. Feel free to discuss this with your sales rep.

How do I create an account?

The first step for a new customer is to Create an Account. This will allow you to purchase both through the web and with your salesperson.

For existing accounts, we’ve already set you up online. Please contact your salesperson to get your login information and change your password. Your online login provides access and control over all your Royal Coffee account information. Once you’ve logged in you can also print your position report and A/R statement at your convenience.

I already have an account with Royal Coffee. Do I need to set up an account online too?

No! In fact, if you set up another account, you will not be able to access prior purchases and any new online purchases would not be saved under your old account.

Good to know. Then how do I access my account?

We have your login info at our office. Contact your sales rep to get your information.

I'm logged in, now where is my position report?

Once you are logged in, you can navigate to your reports on the Dashboard.

If I buy online, can I still speak with my sales rep?

Absolutely. We love you and want to share our wealth of knowledge with you.

What if I live in Hawaii or outside of the United States?

We can’t wait to ship coffee to you; however, due to the regulations in Hawaii and outside of the US, we are required to perform additional services relative to your shipping address. Processing these steps for both Full Size Bags and Crown Jewels may add up to a week to the time it takes to ship your order and there will be additional charges for these services. For questions about these additional services or charges, please contact us.