World History & Geography of Arabica Coffee Cultivars

The coffee family tree gets a major overhaul in Royal Coffee’s new and improved genetic map of Arabica’s most famous global cultivars in a newly released infographic entitled World History and Geography of Arabica Cultivars.

Take a tour through time and space in coffee plant types, in a new detailed infographic developed by Chris Kornman, author of Green Coffee: A Guide for Roasters and Buyers and the Director of Education for The Crown: Royal Coffee’s Lab & Tasting Room in Oakland, California.

For the first time, coffee’s genetic evolution can be contextualized visually using both historical reference points and geographical data meticulously researched and cited in a companion article. Read the full story on our blog

Prints and digital copies are available on the Royal Coffee website, and in-person at The Crown at 2523 Broadway in Oakland, CA.