Publisher’s note: Caitlin McCarthy-García, Spencer Ford, and Charlie Habegger stopped by The Crown to taste a selection Yemen coffees sourced from the Muslot family, both as pour overs and espresso. The relationship between Royal and the Muslot family goes back decades. You can read about how the relationship started and Royal sourced its first Yemen coffee from our cofounder Bob Fulmer here

Charlie and Caitlin briefly discuss the history of Yemen coffee, what makes Yemen coffee distinct from all others, the plant types, and the flavor profile they associate with this storied origin.

Charlie Habegger and Caitlin McCarthy-Garcia discuss a few different coffees from Yemen:


Charlie’s favorite of the bunch 24909 Yemen Mocca Pearl Of Tehama Ecotact Bags, reminded him of sweet spice and dried rose petal with a complexity of black tea and dried fruit. Caitlin preferred the delicate florals of 24900 Yemen Mocca Pearl Of Tehama Khulani Ecotact Bags with jasmine, orange blossom, and vanilla notes. 24933 Yemen Mocca Kholani Ecotact Bags is a softer flavor profile with natural fruit, sweet spice and earth. Caitlin recommends using it as a component of a Moca Java blend or espresso.

Have you ever tasted a shot of 100% Yemen espresso? Today Spencer and Charlie did just that, tasting through some of our Yemen offerings:


Charlie and Spencer found 24901 Yemen Mocca Ecotact Bags to be creamy, with notes of smoked almond, milk chocolate, and orange peel. 24903 Yemen Mocca Hajjah Ecotact Bags – Comes from one producer group, and Charlie’s favorite with subtle blueberry, anise flavor. Spencer found it to be clean, bright, and complex. They found 27305 Yemen Mocca Pearl Of Tehama Mattari to be earthy and chocolatey with just a hint of brown sugar. Spencer found it to be sweet and clean with a hint of puff pastry. There’s a lot going on, yet it maintains its balance in the cup.

Interested in our Yemen coffees? Get in touch with a trader here or You can check out them out here