Honduras San Marcos Supremo SHG EP

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About this coffee


Josue Moisés Medina, Josue Arita, Leopoldo Pineda, and Lorenzo Rivera


1100-1400 masl


Catuai, Caturra, Pacas, Ihcafe-90, Lempira, Parainema, and Obata


Clay minerals


San Marcos, Ocotepeque, Honduras


Fully washed and dried in the sun


October - March



Coffee Background

Ever stop to think about all the variables that factor into creating a distinct, complex, clean and consistent regional blend? It is mind boggling if you think about terroir to post-harvest processing and everything in between. And what about the human factor from farm management all the way through to brewing. This lote represents a classic western Honduras profile traceable to 4 farms near San Marcos, Ocotepeque. All 4 farms owned by Josue Moisés Medina, Josue Arita, Leopoldo Pineda, and Lorenzo Rivera y are just a few acres in size, which is small enough for the producer to carefully handle all of the post-harvest processing on their farms. With their own micro-mills, they carefully harvest cherries, depulp, ferment, wash and gently dry the coffee. Imagine the harmony between these producers in farm management and post-harvest practices to achieve a clean and consistent blend. But also just enough differences from farm to farm to create a rich complexity of flavors. An export company called INAGINSA provides crucial logistical support for things like warehousing and milling coffee for export to the international market.