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Flavor Profile Red grape, stonefruit, toffee, dark chocolate

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About this coffee


Finca Candela | San Benito Cafe group


1400 – 1700 masl




Volcanic loam


Piedra Candela, Renacimiento, Chiriqui, Panama


Fully washed and dried on raised beds and mechanical driers


December - March



Coffee Background

Panama is an origin that constantly makes headlines in the specialty coffee world mostly associated with the renowned Gesha variety. But there are a number of complexities that influence specialty coffee, and it would be a mistake to reduce the complexity of this famous growing region to nothing more than plant variety. With this lot of Caturra from Finca Candela, one of several farms in the San Benito Cafe group, there is an opportunity to explore the impact of terroir on different varieties. The San Benito group has 240 acres cultivated with coffee. In addition to a mindful and environmentally balanced approach to farm management, San Benito has an experienced team and onsite infrastructure at the farm to ensure attention to detail during the harvest. The caturra lot is processed using a washed method.
After selective picking, ripe cherries are floated to remove less dense and damaged seeds, and then depulped, fermented, washed and placed on raised beds and turned regularly over a period of 8 to 12 days. Drying is finished using a mechanical dryer to ensure precise moisture content.