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Flavor Profile Almond, graham cracker, brown sugar, milk chocolate

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About this coffee


Asociación Regional La Cascada Bordones


1650-1900 masl


Caturra, Colombia, and Catuai


Sandy loam


Salto de Bordones, Huila, Colombia


Fully washed and dried inside solar dryers that provide protection from the rain


June - August | October - December



Coffee Background

What’s next? That’s a question we get to ask every year of brothers Rigoberto and Luis Herrera who manage Café Granja La Esperanza, a renowned Colombian export company, which has assembled an amazing collection of farms and post harvest processing methods. So what they did next is pretty amazing. They climbed the mountain to El Macizo Colombiano (the geographic breakpoint where the Andes mountain range splits into three distinct ranges and forms the water source for five of the most important rivers in Colombia) to share knowledge and infrastructure with other producers to increase the value of their coffee. This particular lot comes from the Asociación Regional La Cascada de Bordones and their collective of 400 acres in an area called Bordones, the location of the tallest waterfall in Colombia. The producers have embarrassed farm management practices along with picking and sorting strategies to meet Café Granja La Esperanza’s need for exquisitely matured cherries. Producers also depulpe, ferment, wash and dry the coffee using micro-mills at the farms. Once drying has been completed, the coffee is taken to Café Granja’s dry-mill and stored in a climate controlled warehouse until it is time to mill and export. The collaboration has helped the producers earn more for their coffee,  which means there is more money to reinvest in their farms and strengthen their families’ livelihoods.