Hawaii Kona Makapueo Farms State Certified Prime

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Flavor Profile Pear, floral, bittersweet chocolate

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About this coffee


Makapueo Farm


365 – 670 meters


Kona typica


Volcanic loam


North and South Kona


Fully washed and dried inside solar dryers that provide protection from the rain


July – February



Coffee Background

Hawaii Kona Makapueo Farms State Certified Prime is sourced from a family owned farm called Makapueo on the island of Hawaii in the famed Kona growing region. Kaipo Sheen, a native-born Hawaiian, has owned and managed Makapueo since 2005. Kaipo’s grandmother established the farm and later passed it down to her daughter (Kaipos’s mother), who planted most of the existing coffee. Kaipo has worked hard to renovate the farm and preserve the Hawaiian traditions that his mother and grandmother established. Makapueo takes care to conserves water and uses organic fertilizers to protect the environment. Makapueo Farm was named “Farm of the Year” by the USDA. Makapueo Farm has a wet and dry mill, which allows for meticulous quality control through the entire process. The State of Hawaii also provided an additional inspection and certification process to ensure the quality of Makapueo’s exported Kona coffee. Kaipo also collaborates with 40 neighboring farms, to help organize and establish best farm management practices and provide quality control training.