Origin Information

Fazenda Santa Clara
Catuai, Icatu, Mundo Novo, and Tupi Vermelho
Andradas, Sul de Minas, Brazil
April - September
960-1100 meters
Clay Minerals
Full Natural and dried in the sun

Background Details

BRAZIL ORGANIC ANDRADAS SUL DE MINAS is sourced from Fazenda Santa Clara, a 130-acre farm located in the municipality of Andradas within the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Fazenda Santa Clara was founded by the Basso family, who immigrated to Brazil from Italy in the 1930. The land was initially used to farm grapes and later transformed into a coffee farm. Paulo Teixeira Giordani, has been managing Fazenda Santa Clara since 1999. Paulo, who is an agronomist, decided to implement organic and biodynamic practices to improve the quality and yields at Fazenda Santa Clara. His success in the production of organic coffee has made Paulo a prominent figure in the organic movement throughout the coffee community in Brazil. Fazenda Santa Clara has serve as an inspiration for local farmers who are learning to successfully cultivate higher yields of organic coffee.