Costa Rica RFA West Valley La Candelaria Estate – 29079-2 – SPOT RCWHSE

Price $3.50 per pound

Bag Weight 152.25 lbs

Position Spot

Bags 188

Warehouses Oakland

Flavor Profile Cinnamon, pecan, floral, buttercream icing, dark chocolate

Please Note This coffee landed more than 8 months ago.

About this coffee


La Candelaria Estate


1200 - 1400 masl


Caturra, Catuaí, and Villa sarchi


Volcanic loam


Candelaria, Palmares, Alajuela, Costa Rica


Caturra, catuaí, villa sarchi


December - January


Rainforest Alliance

Coffee Background

The Estate
La Candelaria estate is large for Costa Rican standards. The estate is located in the vicinity of Palmares, in the Alajuela province. Alajuela is part of Costa Rica’s well-known West Valley, one of the country’s most historic coffee regions.

Environmental Stewardship
La Candelaria is 150 hectares of blended coffee production and natural forest preserve. Hans Aeberhard, the owner and manager since 1980, runs both a native wildlife protection program and a reforestation program on the estate, in addition to maintaining Rain Forest Alliance certification. In the greater community La Candelaria seeks to make an impact as well, by providing economic aid to the nearby rural school, which is used for nutrition and learning supplies.

Processing Detail
When it comes to coffee, Hans processes and mills on property where he can oversee a variety of techniques. (This is Costa Rica, after all, where it is not uncommon to see even small family plots exercising extreme levels of mastery over various degrees of honey and natural profiles made at home.) This washed lot is a standard depulped, fermented, washed, and screen-dried blend of cultivars from across La Candelaria.