Ethiopia Harrar 4 Natural Queen City – 30994-1 – GrainPro Bags – SPOT DUPUYHOU

Price $4.80 per pound

Bag Weight 132.6 lbs

Position Spot

Bags 15

Warehouses Houston

Flavor Profile Golden raisin, gooseberry, heirloom tomato, toasted oats, cocoa powder

Please Note This coffee is solid, but not among our top-tier offerings. We are confident to sell it with no reservations.

Grade 4 Grade 4 is considered a mid-range grade and still exhibits notable characteristics. Grade 4 coffee beans are smaller in size and have a varying level of defects, including under-ripe beans, known as quakers. While they may not exhibit the same level of complexity and flavor as the higher grades, they can still offer a satisfying taste experience with distinct Ethiopian coffee characteristics, including earth and fruit tones.

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