Introducing The Crown Jewel

A distinctive green coffee selection available in 22 pound boxes, hand-chosen by Royal’s Trading Team and The Crown.

Crown Jewels are coffees of which we are especially proud, now available in small, custom, ready-to-ship packages. Each Crown Jewel is accompanied by analysis and commentary from our seasoned team to help you make the most of each roast and brew.

Micro‑Level Sourcing Meets Macro‑Level Logistics

The Crown Jewel program allows Royal to source and import particularly unique small lots; think process and cultivar specific micro-milled selections, chosen specifically for their appeal amongst your top-shelf offerings, all brought to you by the shipping and warehousing expertise that makes Royal Coffee second to none in the industry.

Royal Coffee’s work with farmers around the globe since 1978 is steeped into the experience of every Crown Jewel. Our vast network of producing partners provides unparalleled access to exceptional coffees, and it’s a pleasure and a privilege to share the experience with you.


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