Occasionally, Royal Coffee will receive photos from origin that really stand out. We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Nahún Rodríguez, who works in Honduras and captures life there through his lens. You can find more of his work on Instagram @nahunrodriguez.hn

Nahún Rodríguez: Photos from Honduras

by Mayra Orellana-Powell


Please tell us about yourself.

I am Nahún Rodríguez. I was born in the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa. Later I moved with my parents to the town of Danli in the department of El Paraiso. This is where I live now.  I am a father with two children, Ambar who 4 years old and Ian who 2 years old. I am married to a great woman who shares my dreams and craziness.


How did you get started as a photographer in Honduras?

I have been around photography most of my life. My father was an amateur photographer. He liked to go out with his friends around the city to take pictures and he would take me along as his assistant. I always wanted to borrow his Minolta, but he would not even let me touch it because I was a child. When I was little older at least he let me change the film. Hahaha.

Basically, my father started me out in photography. But later while attending University I learned about a 10-month course and decided to take it. After the course I continued to learn through friends that know a lot more than me. You never stop learning and in my case I want to try and perfect what I do.

I decided to dedicate my life to photography because I am passionate and artistically satisfied in the role. At first my life as a photographer in Honduras was difficult because no one values your work. But this is normal when you still don’t have a portfolio to display and only have your talent and drive to get ahead, and you must understand there are many challenges to overcome. You have to make your own opportunities through the quality of your work and the desire to always improve.

If I could ask for anything it would be for my work to be recognized through both national and international businesses. I want them to see the love, passion and attention that I put into every image. I want the image to show what I saw and lived in the moment the picture was taken.



What are your dreams as a photographer?

I dream of working for businesses like Royal Coffee, which recognize the importance of producers and the value of the work they do. I want to travel the world to tell the stories of the people behind coffee and the way they live, know their culture, feel what they feel, and capture it in the moment, in a portrait. I know there are lots of things in the world I would love to see and I am not referring to luxurious things. Rather, I mean the things that fill the soul and make you feel alive.



What do you want people to see in your photographs?

They are not just to post on social media. I want to capture the sentiment of the moment being lived and the reflection of the person on display, their passion, pain, desires, and dreams. The photographs are for the onlooker to have a way to identify with people.


Tell us about the photograph of the Dance of Los Negritos.

This type of Honduran folklore is disappearing, and nobody is taking the time to document it. I said to myself, I can do that. The experience of seeing this dance for the first time was incredible and learning the significance was unforgettable. I wanted to capture this. I want to show our culture, so more people can see Honduran culture, both Hondurans and foreigners. I want people to appreciate the folklore of our beloved land.



Anything else you would like to tell our readers?

Fear doesn’t matter. If you want something fight for it. Believe me when I tell you the path is not easy but it’s not impossible. I have cried and been frustrated many times. But here I am because I took the first step to become a professional photographer.

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