Green Coffee: A Guide for Roasters and Buyers

by Chris Kornman

The ultimate green coffee resource

Green Coffee Book

Green coffee—the beans in their unroasted form—represent trade and flavor potential. This resource surveys the history of coffee, processing methods, sourcing practices, analysis and much more on the path to understanding what’s behind exceptional coffee. Each step in the process, and every hand that plays a part, irreversibly alters the final product.  

The context and background of coffee before it is roasted is one of the trade’s best-kept secrets. Through research, experimentation, collaboration and personal experience, author and coffee professional Chris Kornman lifts the veil with a pragmatic, approachable breakdown of what it takes to appreciate and work with the raw product.  

This book offers industry professionals practical suggestions and deep theoretical understanding of green coffee. The straightforward writing and analytical approach will appeal to a wide range of readers beyond tradespeople, making it an essential guide for any curious coffee adventurer. 

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Digital Edition
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Samples from the book:

Chris Kornman Director of Education

 Chris Kornman is a seasoned coffee quality specialist, writer and researcher, and the Director of Education at The Crown: Royal Coffee Lab & Tasting Room

Formerly a QC manager, cupper, educator, green coffee buyer, and roaster at Intelligentsia under the guidance of Geoff Watts, Chris logged thousands of miles across the coffee lands in East Africa and Brazil. His published work can be found in Roast Magazine, Daily Coffee News, Perfect Daily Grind, Coffee T&I, Tea and Coffee Trade Journal, and the Royal Blog, and his research and lectures are a regular fixture at events such as SCA Expo, the Roasters Guild Retreat & Sensory Summit, the Academic Agenda for the Café de Colombia Expo in Bogotá, and Hotelex Shanghai. However, his favorite teaching environments are next to humming roasters and slurping coffee tasters worldwide.

On weekends, Chris can be found helping at his partner’s Improv Theater in Oakland. He rides a 1986 Schwinn Prelude, loves chilling outdoors with his cat and dog, and plays classical guitar, banjo, and trumpet. In addition to coffee, he can be found sipping Saisons and Oolongs and fermenting hot sauces.