Brew Notes: warm brownie batter fragrance; faint blackberry sweetness; jammy sugar-acid concentration; bitter-sweet like cacao nibs; integrated acid and mild juiciness to structure; maple sugar; finish like cocoa powder and toast; lingers mouth-drying.

Favorite attribute: Brownie fragrance in the VOCs coming off the cup.

What’s the most marketable thing about this coffee? Complexity of sweetness and really satisfying bittersweetness.

If this coffee were an animal, which animal would it be? Thick-billed Raven: large, dark chocolate-colored bird, lightweight but assertive!.

Preparation Method: V60, Grams of Coffee: 30, Grams of Water: 481, Grind Size: 15 / medium-fine, Grinder Type: Bratza Preciso, Brew concentration: medium-light.

Trader: Charlie