Welcome to Royal Coffee

We connect producers with roasters and ship great coffee all over the world.

Royal Coffee is a family-owned and operated importer of specialty green coffees, serving the international roasting community. Founded in 1978 by Bob Fulmer and Pete McLaughlin in a tiny office on Hollis St., the company began with the purchase of a single bag of coffee that Bob and Pete used as a desk until they found a buyer for it. They turned the proceeds of the first sale into two more bags, and the rest is history.

We now import the finest coffees in the world, from over 30 countries of origin and a vast network of producing partners. From warehouses in OaklandSeattleMadisonHouston and Shanghai, Royal supplies some of the top roasting houses around the globe. Our humble roots continue to inform our day to day operations though, as many of our clients get their start with us buying a single bag of coffee.

Whether you are a small shop looking to purchase one of our high-end, exclusive 22lb Crown Jewel boxes, a pallet or two of individual selections from our extensive Offering Sheet, or you need a forward spread on multiple container loads drop-shipped to any port in the world, Royal’s trading and logistics teams are here to help. Prefer to buy online? We’ve got that covered as well. Simply Create an Account to get started.

Regardless of how you buy from Royal, you will have access to our rich educational and informational content, presented in the form of weekly Crown Analyses and other fantastic content on our Blog. We also invite you to follow our progress as we build out The Crown, our multipurpose Tasting Room, Lab, Event Space, and Education Center set to open in Oakland in 2018.