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Check out VP of Green Coffee John Cossette’s full article “Landmark Pricing Change Fair Trade and FLO International“.

Avoid the confusion and the controversy about to ensue in the world of Fairtrade certification and book these slam-dunk, stellar fairtrade green coffees available now.
Many of our current fairtrade green coffee offerings of both SPOT coffees and future deliveries are fully FLO Certified and FT USA Certified. This list of coffees is by no means exhaustive, and there are dozens of other excellent for each origin. Please discuss the options with your trader, or email us at Want to book forward? Check out the ‘Incoming’ tab and email us at

While the Royal Coffee selection of coffees from Africa is vast, in terms of Fairtrade Organic, with one small exception (Rwanda) it means Ethiopia. And more Ethiopia.

No discussion of inventory would be complete without talking about Fairtrade Organic Decaf, a world in which I thanklessly and anonymously toil, but do so with great pride. Planning for and keeping in stock Fair Trade Organic Decaf is like planning for a war or a natural disaster. Despite my best intentions and foresight, it is an imperfect logistical science, so here more than any other category, I beseech you to please plan ahead and make sure you are covered. 

We are just now receiving our final deliveries of the season for FT Organic coffee from Mexico and Central America. These coffees will have to cover your needs from August through next March. Happy to say, our current collection is outstanding. 

We are awaiting shipments of new crop Peru and fly crop Colombia with Brazil still a few months away.  The following is what is good and here now, and what to look forward to down the road. 

Normally, at this time of year, our first shipments of the season of FT Organic Timor are on the water and set to arrive in September. This year, however, we are sad to report that there will be no availability of this coffee due to complications in their FLO Certification. While they are in the process of rectifying the situation, it is unlikely to be resolved in time to resuscitate this year’s crop. This is a significant blow to the Island and to our SE Asian offering of FT Organic coffee. With this in mind, it places heavier emphasis on Sumatra as our lone FT Organic representative in that arena, necessitating planning and coverage now.