Origin Information

Coffee producers from East Africa, Latin America
Heirloom varieties | Bourbon, Blue Mountain |
East Africa, Latin America
October- December | September- February
1500 - 2500
Vertisol | Clay minerals | Volcanic loam
Full Natural and dried in the sun | Fully washed and dried in the sun

Background Details

Our Espresso Blend is a custom-built classic espresso blend, and its namesake is Royal Coffee’s birth year, 1978. Keeping a heavy and sweet profile in mind, this new blend is great all by its lonesome, but has enough flavor to saturate even the milkiest drinks with chocolaty goodness. This is a hefty blend designed to satisfy the customer with a sweet tooth. Our quality control and trading teams started by sampling, blending, roasting, tasting, and testing eligible lots. The classic espresso profile that resulted is comprised of deep and fruity African coffees and clean Latin American lots that provide huge body and ample sweetness. What’s more, we’ve done all the workshopping with you in mind, so you can rely on a consistent coffee in the roaster and in your demitasse. Here’s to your success, and to many more years of excellent coffee!