Origin Information

KENYA: Coffee producers organized around Kabare FCS’s Konyu Washing Stationi Putra | PANAMA: Peterson Family / Hacienda La Esmeralda
KENYA: SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11, and Batian | PANAMA: Gesha
KENYA: Kirinyaga County | PANAMA: Boquete, Chiriquí, Panamá
KENYA: October-January | PANAMA: December 2019 - April 2020
KENYA: 1700-1900 masl | PANAMA: 1500 - 1900 masl
KENYA: Volcanic loam | PANAMA: Volcanic loam
KENYA: Fully washed after depulping and fermenting, then soaked in clean water before drying on raised beds | PANAMA: Mechanically demucilaged and soaked, washed, and patio dried

Background Details

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