Origin Information

COSTA RICA: Carlos Fernández Morera, Finca El Cerro, Parcela El Diamante | SUMATRA: Members of Koperasi ALKO | CV. Yudi Putra | ETHIOPIA: Select producers organized around Faysel Yonis | Testi Ayla Washing Station
COSTA RICA: Caturra | SUMATRA: Andung Sari | ETHIOPIA: Kurume
COSTA RICA: San Rafael de San Ramón, Alajuela| SUMATRA: Andung Sari | ETHIOPIA: Kurume
COSTA RICA: November 2019 – March 2020 | SUMATRA: November 2019 - February 2020 | ETHIOPIA: November 2019 - January 2020
COSTA RICA: 1100-1350 masl | SUMATRA: 1300 – 1650 masl | ETHIOPIA: 1900 – 2100 masl
COSTA RICA: Volcanic loam | SUMATRA: Volcanic loam | ETHIOPIA: Nitisols
COSTA RICA: Fully washed after pulping and anaerobically fermenting. Dried in the sun on a patio and then on raised beds | SUMATRA: “Honey Process” Pulped and dried on raised beds under parabolic canopy | ETHIOPIA: 24 hours full cherry fermentation, pulped, 48 hours parchment fermentation, washed, dried on raised beds in the shade

Background Details

This Crown Jewel Sampler comes with 3 lbs of Green Coffee. Too many 1 Lb Crown Jewels to choose from? Don't choose. Get 3 at a time: 3 origins, 3 producers, 3 harvests, and 3 profiles. These 3 Crown Jewels showcase the diversity of coffees on our Crown Jewel menu. The Crown Jewel Sampler includes 1 lb of 3 different coffees. The 1 Lb Costa Rica San Rafael Carlos Fernández Morera Anaerobic Fermentation Crown Jewel, CJS1352 is a highly experimental lot we welcome back this year. The 1 Lb Sumatra Mount Kerinci Parabolic Dried Honey Crown Jewel, CJS1344 is a coffee we're lucky to share with our customers. Special preparations like this coffee go mostly to the thriving domestic specialty coffee market in Indonesia, and rarely see export. The 1 Lb Ethiopia Shenta Wene Testi Ayla Double Fermented Washed Crown Jewel, CJS1372 is a wonderful example of what Ethiopian coffee can be. Testi Ayla delivered some exceptional experimental lots and you won't want to miss out.