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About this coffee


Producers organized around Cooperativa de Productores de Café la Encarnación Limitada (COPROCAEL)


1250 - 1550 masl


Catuai, Caturra, Pacas, Ihcafe-90, Lempira, Parainema, and Obata


Clay minerals


La encarnación, Ocotepeque, Honduras


Fully washed and dried in the sun


December - March



Coffee Background

Experience is often the unspoken reason for tried and true community blends.  This is certainly the case when we describe this lot sourced from Cooperativa de Productores de Café la Encarnación Limitada (COPROCAEL), a cooperative established in 2000 to support the production of organic coffee on small farms surrounding the community of Encarnacion, Ocotepeque.  The success starts with a well defined plan for centralizing the collective efforts of more than 260 member-producers.  With a centralized wet-mill designed to receive cherries from all of its members, processing consistency is steller.  The mill floats cherries using recycled water to remove less dense and damaged beans before depulping. After depulping, coffee is washed with a demucilager, which uses very little water.  Washed parchment is placed on patios to pre-dry and then mechanically dried in horizontal dryers called guardiolas. Furnaces burn recycled coffee parchment to heat the guardiolas.  Dried parchment is stored and then transported to San Pedro Sula to be prepared for export through a partnership with CADEXSA, which has a fully staffed cupping lab equipped to cup through every lot and ensure consistent quality. COPROCAEL works directly with producers to establish a number of norms required for certification including organic certification.  COPROCAEL goes a step further in centralizing efforts with an organic fertilizer production plant that uses coffee pulp as the base ingredient.  All of this work means producer-members can focus all of their attention on year-round farm management and picking the best cherry possible.