Origin Information

Jose Wagner Ribeiro Junqueira | Fazenda Serra das Três Barras
Red Catuai
Carmo de Minas, Mantiqueira Region, Minas Gerais, Brazil
May - September
1000 - 1400 masl
Clay minerals
Full Natural and dried in the sun

Background Details

From the volumes of coffee flowing out of Minas Gerais (the largest of the three major Brazilian growing regions), we have plucked a special treat traceable to a single estate located in the protected origin of Mantiqueira de Minas region known for its rolling hills and uneven terrain. The 500-acre estate called Serra das Três Barras has been in Jose Wagner Ribeiro Junqueira’s family for five generations. Jose grew up on the estate and has managed operations for several decades. During the harvest coffee cherries are floated to remove less dense and damaged coffee, and then delupled and placed on patios to dry with the mucilage still attached. After 5 days, the coffee is moved to mechanical driers to precisely finish the drying to 11 percent moisture and then carefully stored until it is time for milling and export. Jose also lends part of his estate to Procafe for coffee research on new disease resistant coffee plants.