Origin Information

María Reyes
Typica Pluma
San Francisco Ozolotepec, Oaxaca, Mexico
January - April
1450 masl
Clay minerals
Fully washed and dried on patios

Background Details

Imagine starting at sea level in the popular Mexican beach destination of Puerto Escondido and traveling along progressively steeper and curvier roads eventually arriving at a lush forest intercropped with coffee, bananas, corn, beans, fruit trees, and views of the Pacific Ocean in the distance below. This is the Oaxacan coffee growing region known as the zona Pluma where the Sierra Madre del Sur coastal mountain range is peppered with small coffee farms. Washed coffees processed on these farms have traditionally been aggregated into larger lots with a distinct regional profile. But the times are changing thanks to Enrique Lopez, an experienced coffee producer from the region who focuses on innovative post-harvest processing and developing micro-lots from the zona Pluma. Enrique works with a handful of neighbors, including María Reyes who produced this washed processed Pluma variety on her 5 acre farm located in the municipality of San Francisco Ozolotepec. With Enrique’s guidance, Maria now focuses on ripe cherry selection, floating to remove damaged and underdeveloped beans, overnight  fermentation,depulping, fermenting in mucilage for 24 hours, washing, and gentle drying on raised beds.