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Flavor Profile Grape, herbal, semi-sweet chocolate

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About this coffee


Finca Santa Elisa Pachup


1500 masl




Volcanic loam


San Pedro Yepocapa, Acatenango, Chimaltenango, Guatemala


Fully washed and dried in the sun on patios, elevated tables, and mechanical dryers


November- February



Coffee Background

Cultivated at the foot of Volcan de Fuego (fire volcano), you would not be wrong to think this coffee comes from a precarious place. Volcan de Fuego has erupted as recently as the summer of 2018. But despite this dangerous neighbor, Finca Santa Elisa Pachup has all the hallmarks of a coffee paradise. The 1250-acre estate also has its own wet mill, which allows for all aspects of the post-harvest process to be meticulously handled in one place. Multiple picks are made throughout the harvest to ensure only ripe cherries are processed. The cherry is depulped, fermented for 18 to 24 hours and washed in canals to separate out less dense beans. The washed coffee is slowly dried on patios and raised beds and then finished in mechanical driers to precisely reach a stable moisture for export.