Origin Information

Finca Florencia | Beneficio Bellas Vista
Santa Elena Barillas, Villa Canales, Guatemala
December- March
1500 masl
Clay loam
Fully washed and dried on elevated tables inside solar dryers that provide protection from the rain

Background Details

The location where a coffee is cultivated is often the defining characteristic. This is certainly true for coffee grown in the region that surrounds Antigua, Guatemala. But contrary to what might be summed up with a location, there are many nuances, especially with climate change impacting traditional growing regions across the globe. This bourbon variety sourced from Finca Florencia, a 250-acre estate located in Santa Elena Barillas just south of Lake A Amatitlán, is a prime example of the complexity of terroir. For example, shade trees protecting the ecology of the estate are an essential tool for growing this delicate heirloom variety. During the harvest a great deal of care is dedicated to understanding optimum ripeness before picking. Critical aspects of processing like fermentation are impacted by important environmental variables at Finca Florencia, like ambient temperature and the kinds of native microorganisms that break down the mucilage surrounding the coffee beans. Preparation for export is completed near the estate at the Bella Vista mill, which is owned by the Luis Pedro Zelaya, who has made his reputation on strictly managing traceability and preserving the quality of each coffee.